About Dr. Sachin Patkar

Dr. Sachin Patkar is well known Psychiatrist, practising in Mumbai since 20yrs in Mumbai. Dr. Sachin Patkar completed his graduation and post graduation with distinction from reputed King Edward Memorial & G.S Medical College, Mumbai.

He is a Gold Medalist at the Diplomate of the National Board (DNB) & M.D. He along with his wife Dr. (Mrs.) Varsha Patkar specialize in Counselling and psychotherapy.

Dr. Sachin Patkar pioneered the concept and execution of PICU(Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) & is the head of unit at the Masina Parsi Hospital in Mumbai. It is the first institution of its kind to be recognized by the Medical Council of India as a private secure facility for psychiatric patients.

Dr. Sachin Patkar started private clinical practice 15 years ago along with his father Dr.A.P.Patkar who is one of the senior most practicing Psychiatrists in India.

Dr. Sachin Patkar offers consultation liaison services with his brother Dr.Ashwin Patkar MD, who is the Assistant Director for the Deaddiction program & Director of Placements at the Duke University, North Carolina USA.

Ancillary Services offered by Dr. Patkar
  • Consultation and indoor management for Addiction/Substance Abuse, Rehabilitation Services and family therapy to help understand, deal and cope with the problem.
  • Psycho- Education and Involvement of Primary Care givers to help them understand and exercise Behavior Modification for the betterment of the family unit as a whole. Sessions are free and may be video taped for future reference.
  • Telephonic Counselling sessions before, during and after exams for both students and parents, addressing academic stress and related issues.