Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is being diagnosed at an alarming rate these days. Too often behavioral problems in children are falsely attributed to the diagnosis, and needlessly medicated, when simple behavior therapy will suffice.

When it does occur for real, it can cause severe difficulties at work, home, and in relationships. People that suffer from ADHD complain of an inability to focus on studies, or work without being distracted by any noise, movement, or other minor stimulus.

They find themselves going over work over and over again, or simply avoiding it all together. Forgetfulness and silly mistakes are common resulting in declining grades, and poor performance on tasks at home or at work. Many children with the disorder are also hyperactive, impulsive, as if “driven by a motor.” They blurt out of turn, and can’t sit still, often resulting in disciplinary action at school.

Fortunately, most children diagnosed with ADHD outgrow the disorder and function normally as adults. A small minority however continue to have severe symptoms as adults. These symptoms are treatable with medications.